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Large Dog Haircut

This package includes the same services as Doggy Style’s regular hair cut package except is it $80-$100. This applies to any large breed dogs and specific breeds including: golden retrievers, golden doodles, Bouvier des Flanders, Australian shepherds, Saint Bernards, and Newfies to name a few of my most popular large breeds. This also includes shave downs for long haired large dogs such as long haired Rottweilers. These are just the most common breeds to give you an idea of which dogs fall under the large breed package. Upon booking, I will be able to determine better whether your dog falls under this package or my regular haircut package. If you have further questions about the specific price for your large dog feel free to call or text me at (410) 707-8143 or email me at

USD $ 80-150

A 25 percent deposit will be taken to secure your dog(s) grooming appointment and will be taken out of the total price.