How long do grooms normally take? 

Bath packages usually take an hour and haircut packages can take anywhere from 1 and a half to 2 and half hours depending on the size of your pet snd the type of haircut.

How long have you been grooming/ working with animals? 

I have been working with animals for 8 years and grooming for 6 years.

When my dog is boarded will they be the only dog there?

If you book far enough in advanced I can make sure your dog or dogs are the only ones at my house. If not I have three levels to my house and several rooms and tall baby gates so dogs I watch will never come in contact.

Are you licensed for grooming?

Yes I am, I am a licensed professional dog and cat groomer.

Can you handle my large dog, he/she is very strong for walks, hard to bathe etc and weighs a lot?

Yes I have worked with dogs up to 180 pounds, I have no problem working with large dogs.

Do you live alone, specifically do any men live with you because my dog does not like men?

I live alone with no one else, and no men will be coming in and out of my house.

How much time and attention does my dog get when being boarded?

This is my full time job so other than the occasional errand I am home all day with your dog(s).

Will my dog(s) be in a crate during grooming or boarding?

No, Doggy Style (unlike most other salons) grooms your dog straight through without any other grooms there so they won’t need to be put in a kennel. And I do not kennel them for boarding unless it is requested or if I leave for an errand real quick (I own several crates for all sizes dogs).